1. Water Cycle, 2018 (16mm experimental, color, 1 minute, 40 seconds)

This short film explores human interaction with freshwater ecosystems. I collected plastic, sand, and moss from banks of the New River and taped them to clear 16mm film leader in homage to Stan Brakhage’s experimental work. The soundtrack is a mix of recordings from the river’s headwaters on Snake Mountain North Carolina to its mouth in Gauley Bridge, West Virginia.


2. After Coal project, 2014-2018

After Coal is an international community engagement project that explores strategies coalfield communities have used to survive de-industrialization. Coalfield residents share their stories via a series of public forums(2014), documentary film (2016), and a book (2018).

I used a participatory process that included an exchange between residents the coalfields of eastern Kentucky and south Wales to direct and co-produce a feature length documentary film, which was released in 2016. I then adapted the documentary into a book, which was published by West Virginia University Press in 2018.

After Coal website: http://aftercoal.com/

After Coal book: https://wvupressonline.com/node/748

After Coal documentary, 2016 (digital video, documentary, color, 57 minutes)



3. Ancient New Loop Two, 2017 (16mm, experimental, color, 1 minute, 20 seconds)

This short film provides an example of “submerged verse” or short poems written in the riverbed. Quartz rocks are used to spell out words in a shallow section of the river. These words are filmed and then edited into poetry about the river.