Water Cycle (2018)

16mm, color, two minutes


Water Cycle is a short experimental film that explores human interaction with freshwater ecosystems. I collected plastic, sand, and moss from the New River and taped them to clear 16mm film leader in homage to Stan Brakhage’s experimental filmmaking. The soundtrack is a mix of field recordings from the river’s headwaters on Snake Mountain, North Carolina to its mouth in Gauley Bridge, West Virginia.

Director Statement

My family lives on a small farm on the north fork of the New River in Ashe County, North Carolina. The headwaters ecosystems in our backyard are crucial to protecting water quality, as pollution deposited here affects life many miles downstream. Water Cycle was inspired by my experience participating with river clean ups.  Projecting the plastic pulled from the river on the big screen asks the audience to pay attention to their connection to the fresh water ecosystems that sustain us.


Juice (2007)

digital video, four minutes

This short silent film was edited from archival footage about electricity production. This piece is usually presented as part of the Sunbuggy self powered video installation